Founded in 2011, Xtracare is a young company with an opulent history. A modest one-man operation, fuelled by hard work & driven by passion, has led to the present day Xtracare team. Despite hardships and failures obstructing our way, we continued to lay each tile of our dream, thus creating Xtracare Logistics Private Limited from the ground up.

Xtracare is well equipped to handle all kinds of cargo through our noteworthy range of services. Each valuable member of our Xtracare team goes beyond their call of duty to provide services to our customers that are unmatched in the industry. We bring any part of the world closer to you with our efficient liaison services through our global nexus. We prioritize our customer-first approach and treat their shipment needs as our own and deliver world-class quality of services, from pick-up to delivery at the doorstep. Using this business strategy, our clientele has grown from a handful to beyond numbers.  

We are constantly hustling to bring justice to our motto, “one world, one solution.” Strike a deal, join our Xtracare family, and bid farewell to late deliveries, bad quality cargo maintenance, negotiations, complicated customs paperwork, and regret!



It all started with what we did best; provide solutions.

Just having graduated from high school, our passionate managing director set out to join the logistics business and master the trade. From a single telephone desk to the most trusted logistics company, we relied solely on hard work and endurance. We started as a Customs Clearance Company, attaining the CHA license in 1990s.

As we helped more clients with custom clearance, we observed the chaos they had to face in documentation and coordination with different freight forwarders. With our existing clients running from pillar to post for their shipments, it was a natural progression to serve our clients under one roof. We started simplifying the formula by which the companies run their shipments. Thus was born XtraCare Logistics in 2011 with the purview of providing a one-stop solution, under one hub, for the cumulative logistics needs.

When clients like HCL, DHL, Siemens got on board, we expanded to more trade lanes and geographies & hence, made our mark on the global map. Working round the clock, we strive to prove that our spot is rightly deserved. Climbing each step meticulously, we became members of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) in 2016.

The entire world came to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, that did not stop us from delivering, literally. Amidst the additional rules & regulations, risks and difficulties, the Xtracare family burnt the midnight oil to maintain the standards & core values of Xtracare logistics. We take pride in being recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Freight Management Service Providers 2020, an honorable mention by Silicon India magazine.


  • Not bound by convention: We completely operate at free will, unbound by convention, while constantly seeking new ways to better our services, foresee and tackle any problems.
  • Set the standard: With our exceptional quality-first approach, we set the benchmark against which all services would be measured, and we motivate ourselves to keep up our standards.
  • Think ahead: Futuristic forethought lights our path towards success. We foresee our entire process, plan accordingly, thereby avoiding delays.
  • Experiment often: Our path: Ideate. Test. Fail. Tweak. Learn. We constantly experiment with novel ideas that might improve even our advanced methodologies.
  • Value and empower our stakeholders: Xtracare is the link between our customers and stakeholders, spreading happiness and showering with contentment both ways. We empower and uphold the value of our stakeholders.