There is incredible value in being of service to others. We do our part in fostering the community that helped us grow. We have a responsibility; leaving the earth better than we found it.

Every little step makes a difference. One world, one solution, one family. Also shipping: love and kindness. Putting our hand in for the sake of humanity.

As the Xtracare team, it is our right before it is a responsibility to ameliorate the agony of the planet as a whole. Our brief doesn’t end with forwarding goods but extends to uplifting the society that gives us room to flourish. Not only are we on the hunt for channels to help humanity, but we also pounce at every opportunity that lets us contribute.

Xtracare in partnership with Ranju foundation – Our tread towards a better world

Pioneered by Dhruv and Tanvi Manchanda in March of 2020, Ranju Foundation turned the lives of many people around. During the global pandemic of COVID-19, where every single venture was being shut down, these brave souls created their own opportunity to help the cries of the needy to satiety. Without hesitation, Xtracare logistics joined this new path, setting a milestone on our path towards making the earth feel like a home to all.



Awareness is the key to prevention. Neither ignorance nor unavailability of resources is going to stop the people from contacting the Corona Virus. Xtracare in partnership with Ranju foundation, led an awareness campaign, using a graphical representation of the do’s and don’t’s of personal hygiene, and stressed the importance of social distancing. This awareness drive took the roads both online and offline, instilling awareness in the minds of the general public.


Virus in the air warrants face masks for personal protection, which most of the underprivileged people couldn’t afford. Paying attention to every single detail, we rescued as many people as we can by giving them the best weapon to fight against COVID-19: face masks. We have distributed more than a thousand face masks to people in and around Gurgaon, among house helps, gardeners, car cleaners, garbage collectors, security guards, and construction site workers.


This period of the pandemic lead to a new normal, and daily wage workers are the most affected. Their situation forces them to work, no matter the condition, to make their ends meet. Our project: Kawach involves a drive to distribute the basic safety kit containing sanitizer, gloves, and masks to such daily wage workers, who support the economy from the base. The sequel drive resulted in the distribution of 200 sanitation kits, relieving as many lives as we can.


At a time where there were no shops even to get rations, our saviors entered the field. With the help of the Resident Welfare Association at the local level, we were able to identify the houses that needed rations supply. We set out on a drive to provide dry rations to such households.


With schools being closed and most of the classes being held online, smartphones and a stable internet connection become indispensable. We used Whatsapp groups centered around many sectors in Gurgaon, where individuals referred families of low-income groups, with at least two students belonging to classes 6th to 12th. Funds were collected for this cause that amounted to nearly 25 lakhs rupees, which could cover the education cost for about 30 students. Laptops and tablets were handed out to these students along with checks for maintenance. This gave the students a fighting chance in this competitive world, and they can get their basic education that could refine their quality of life.

Xtracare logistics shines its lights, touching the lives of many people, paving the highway to their success. Be the runway that uplifts the spirit of giving back to society.

Do you want to join us and change in someone’s life?

We continue to make an impact; Gurgaon as our origin and the world as our axis…