The most intricate aspects of the supply chain like planning, implementation, and control can be trusted with us. We assure you that your retailer end never runs out of products to supply. We monitor the customer modules, analyze the sales pattern, and offer a smug package of information using which you can adjust your production and shipments. We also take it one step further with the E-commerce aspect, because who has the time to go shopping the traditional way when you can do it virtually?

XtraCare supply chain management services; easing up your customer-producer link.


Knock knock. Who’s there? XtraCare Logistics. Yes! You give the address; we deliver the goods. We extend our services from the first step to the last step, with an expanse over all territory. Why go over your budget with multiple carriers when you can trust us with door-to-door delivery?

XtraCare door-to-door services; your wingman for prompt deliveries



Need just a warehouse without shipping with us? A coffee without sugar? A life with no worries? Xtracare Logistics hands them out in singles. We are your best choice for outsourcing your singular needs! Be it warehousing, distribution, or transportation, we are your ray of hope. Apart from offering a bundle of services, we cater to your individual needs as well.

XtraCare logistics 3PL; an expert outsourcing partner



Are you looking for a logistics partner as a part of your project management? You have come to the right place. We understand that every project is unique when it comes to its logistics needs. We prudently listen to your needs and fulfill them, from the planning of routes, coordination, and communication with carriers, forethought, and troubleshooting of the whole logistics process.

XtraCare project logistics; shapeshifting to mold to your needs.